University sale, HELP ME SURVIVE

University is WAY more expensive than I thought it would be, and my bank account is nigh on empty, so I’ve cut the prices on all of these by A LOT. also doing bundle deals, bundles get 10$ off per yoyo in the bundle! that means 2 yoyos = 20$ off, 3 yoyos = 30$ off, and so on! Please consider buying something to help me get through my education!

Prices don’t include shipping or Paypal fees if you choose to use G&S, I live in Canada and use Paypal only.

Unparalleled Flash, like new, dead smooth, unscrewed once to change the pads, then thrown for like 5 minutes before I decided it’s not my cup of tea. 50$

Unparalleled Flashback, like new, a tiny bit of vibe that it came with. Limited engravingless pink blasted version. 70$

RecRev Carbon, like new, super smooth for RecRev, still a bit of vibe. super SUPER fun throw, just be careful screwing it together, the axle is literally as long as it is wide. Rare Yoyoexpert edition of an already rare throw, no original packaging included. 50$


RecRev Sine//Saw, all damage pictured, vibe, but tuneable to smooth if you REALLY know what you’re doing. one of the stax has come loose from it’s seat, so it doesn’t crank all the way down when screwing back together, but still enough to throw without performance issues. No original packaging. 30$

RecRev Facade, all damage pictured, visible vibe, but not that much string vibe considering this, about normal RecRev amounts. no original packaging. 30$

RecRev Oktave 1, all damage pictured, vibe, but about average for RecRev. Halfswapped by myself, no original packaging. 30$

RecRev No.9, like new, stripped. 10$


I would love to cop that flashback

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PM’d about a Bundle deal

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bump 4!