Underrated video ; )


hey! this time i want to present you a video called “underrated”. I chose this name because of how underrated the BloodBrothers series are. 100$+ yoyo for 60 bucks seems to be quite a deal right? ; ) tell me what you think! <3



Amazing video! Nice skills!


great video, was loving the music track on there.


Thats some good stuff. 
also all you need is the link here to have the video show up.  No tags needed. 


It’s up on Sector-Y! Nice video!

(2Sick Joey) #6

Any more info on the Blood brothers 2?


comming soon to many big stores!


Amazing video!!! So good…

(Khent G) #9

Honestly, I didn’t like the video…

I loved it


I love my blood brother 1 so i cant wait for the second one.


Wow, those tricks were crazy fast in the middle part of the video