Unable to buy Silicone

So today I ran out of silicone and I went to my local Walmart. I went to the auto parts section and there it was one last tube of red rtv silicone. I grabbed it and went to the self checkout area and got a machine. I then proceeded to scan the silicone and the machine locks up and tells me to wait for assistance. I thought “alright just a glitch in the machine or something” the lady comes up and scans her employee card and she says “do you have your ID”. I was confused because its not like I’m trying to buy anything I shouldn’t be. I ask her why do I need my ID as i reach for my wallet, and she says “You need to be 18 to buy this”. At this point I just told her I’m not 18 and I gave her the Silicone and left.

So my question to you is, Have you had any trouble buying silicone at the store? If so please share your story.

Also give your thoughts and opinions on this policy.

I bought mine at amazon. It was free shipping with amazon prime.

I have to show ID at some places when I buy spray paint and duct tape.

Go figure. All I wanted to do was tape down some stuff and do some touch-up painting. Fortunately, I’m a “big boy” and can get my stuff no problem. It’s still a nuisance.

Mail order it or find another place to get it from.

Well, that’s new lol

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It was a shock to me as well. Apparently they can’t trust 16 year old kids with silicone. Anyways I’m not mad at the store. Just bummed out I’m going to have slippy binds for about a week as I order some more silicone.

Weird! In some places here, stores have made household items “controlled substances” due to huffing (putting something with toxic fumes into a bag and inhaling it to get a buzz) or alcohol abuse (mouthwash with high alcohol content).

It’s not a law, but the stores reserve the right to sell to whomever they please, I guess!

I’m in my 40s. I had to show ID to buy compressed air at walmart a couple weeks ago to clean my bearings.


Are kids going to write graffitti with compressed air lol?

No, they’re gonna huff it…

I can’t buy Duct Tape because Dumb kids go out and smoke it.

This is the first time I’ve heard of that. People are stupider than I thought.

You might be right. this was a joke. :wink:

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