Trying to find Similar Throws

Hey guys! Long time no posting! So, I’m looking into getting a new throw, but don’t have a good idea of what’s hot and what’s not. I’m a big fan of the Hitman and 4xl shape / weight, and compiled a short list of stuff I found browsing the shops that seem to have similar qualities. I would love to get a yoyo with a grindable surface, and some kind of bright colors. I was wondering if you guys had opinions on the yoyo’s listed, and if there are any more that I should add to the list. Thanks for the help!

The list:
CLYW Bassalope
General-yo 5-star
Anti-yo Busine$$
Spyy Addiction

The H-Spin Icon.

It seems like the Busine$$ or E1NS would be the best choices given those preferences. Probably the Busine$$ but both seem to fit more.