Trying to decide on a yoyo design to follow through on.


I have been messing around with Autodesk Inventor for a while, and I am trying to decide on a design to follow up on. Let me know which one you like best!

52mm diameter
40mm width
64.5 grams

50mm diameter
40mm width
66.5 grams

56mm diameter
42mm width
67 grams

52mm diameter
42mm width
65 grams
An update to my original design.

I like naga the best. Very nice work. id probably buy it if it goes into production

those look great :slight_smile: that last 1 and the 1st look the best to me. be sure to give feedback on the design i have. (the BLTyoyoworks topic)

The last 2 are the best out of all IMO. I REALLY like the shape of the one above the NAGA

argonaut looked AWESOME


Naga looks great.

I like the naga. It reminds me of the 33 1/3

All looks nice to me…
Low walled angular yoyo is what I prefer.