Trying to add a pic...


So I’m trying to attach a pic to a post and it keeps saying internal server error. I’m on an I phone 5. What’s the score?


That has been a problem for awhile. I’m not sure if there is a fix in the works, or if anyone who has the means to look into it was even aware of the problem. I tried to use that function a few times recently, and got the same result. I just uploaded the pic to a photo sharing site (Flickr, Photobucket, Imgur), and linked the code from that instead.


that was just happening to me, i was trying to post more than 1 pic in the same attachment (.zip)
so i split them up and posted the best 1. so post 1 pic at a time kinda.


Well, let’s see if it works…

Looks like it works to me.


Let’s try more than one.

Hmmm, that worked too.
Must be sumthin’ on yer end. :wink:


hahaha lol

just try 1 at a time dizzo :slight_smile:


No luck. Must be my I phone


I have had this problem before I PMed Andre about it and he said that the picture is probably too big.


I’ve had this problem when uploading larger pictures as well.

If it’s that large you probably want to upload it with minus for 0 compression:


I was attempting from a computer. My pictures are always large, so it looks like we finally have an answer to the problem. At least we know what was happening. Next time, I will either make them smaller, or just link from photo sharing like I usually do. Abby earned a thank you for that one.