Trouble with the bearing

Hey guys my bearing is being stubborn and wont come out so I can clean it. So what are some of the methods you guys use to get yours out.

wiggle it out with pliers

Try lubing the place. Or you can just clean it in there. Although samad doesn’t like this, you can open it up, and just put a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide, although it might eat your plastic. What yoyo is it?

Pull it out with my fingers. I have a loose bearing that comes off very easily.

I have an x-convict and I usually use pliers but this bearing just doesn’t want to come out.

Do you use cloth? and I would just try to ease it out. Pulling sideways (diagonally) may help.

Havent tried cloth yet.

Steel is magnetic right? I think I might have heard of people using magnets to get them out. Pliars should work better IMO.

Addment: MIne comes out easily, so I wrap a lot of string around it and pull it out.

If you’re planning to get a magnet, get a SUPER MAGNET! Not those that you find in science labs.