Trick Video: Contortionist

Hey Folks, I’ve been trying to learn how to use Premiere so I recorded a trick I’m planning on showcasing in my upcoming trick video, I decided to name the trick contortionist, I have been polishing it for a few weeks and this is the final result. I will be creating four more tricks to feature in the trick video and will be refilming this one and each one I create in some interesting places. :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy!

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I like the trick but please give us a front view of the trick in regular speed then go into highspeed with diffrent angle shots, it’s kind of hard to get the idea of the whole trick without seeing it in fullspeed with a front view. Other than that, i really liked the video and keep making tricks.

Thanks bud, I’ll record a front angle in a few days, I already have an idea for tomorrow’s video so contortionist will be on hold for a few :slight_smile:

hey that was sick, and nice to see that you’re still around man