Trick Name?

Okay, so there’s this trick on sector y, he calls it waverider, but the instructions are kinda blurry, and I can’t do it. I’m trying to search it up, but I don’t know the real name. Also, a video will be appreciated.

The trick is done like this (from what I know) you get into a under mount, then bring your left hand level with your right, and in front of your right. You kinda flip it over to your right, then right flips it back. Any ideas?

all you do is do one flip forward like in Braintwister then put your fingers behind the string and flip backwards. repeat.

But the name? >:(

It is just a adjusted Braintwister.

ermmmm… here’s the trick

People can name tricks whatever they want. They make it, they name it. Just because they give it a specific name, doesn’t mean that it has a name. Like if you google for some people’s tricks, you will never find them. Its just an adjusted braintwister.