Trick Circle 1

Wanted to get these on film :slight_smile:

Cool, is this for logi’s trick circle?

Awesome picture tricks yo

Not sure what that is haha.

Ok, so the answer is no. If you look at the yoyo tricks you’d get it.

Logi didn’t create it, but yes he has a thread about it in the tricks section

Trick circles as a whole? No, but I do have my own trick circle Stuart is thinking of.

Yes, that is why I said you have your own thread about it in the tricks section, just to clear up why Stuarttw thought it was for your thread.

Sweeet! Enjoyed your use of whips and slacks. :slight_smile:

Thanks man! not my smoothest but I wanted to get it on film :slight_smile:

All of these comments are confusing, but, I do know this: Your video impressed me. Great picture tricks.