im trying to learn the trick “Transmissions” and i cant figure out the second part of the trick.

i ant figure out what in the hell the guy in the video does because he only includes one angle of the trick… how am i supposed to figure it out from that angle, like seriously??    anyway… enough anger…    im so frustrated that i cant figure this thing out

the part is between 0:38 and 0:42

any help or a better angled tutorial or slomo would be wonderful

I had trouble with this trick too… when you flick the string, try to land the slack farthest from you into the gap.

If you are having trouble with the begining then what I do is a reverse trapeze, then take your throwhand pointer and put it on the string that goes over the loop createdby the trapeze.(if you get that) swing the yoyo up and and push down on that string the yoyo should come off the string. swing the yoyo around and go into a 2or0is thing. kinda like the double or nothing in the yukki slack after the first swing. then flick.

just trying to help

thanks, it does help… i just want someone to make a better video. like from the side, or POV


bump… really… noone knows this trick?

I’ll try… may take a while… just keep trying… I learned from that vid, just experiment

i was today, and cant figure out what he does at all… it ticks me off how he only used one angle

Just a quicky tutorial.  Good luck!


that is so awesome that you made me that tutorial… now i can actually master this trick once and for all!

that was really nice of him to make a tutorial or to give you one that helps better.