Trading up from a Mosquito?

Does anyone even trade mosquitos nowadays? Im getting a speed maker sooner or later. So is there anything thats close to the mosquito that I can trade up to?

(Put this in general due to this not being an actual trade)

hmmmm a pair of imperials?

Im not too into 2a myself :P. Its just hard to order online due to shipping and taxes :-X.

it’s easier than driving to the store.

You’ll have to pay shipping from trades as well

i like mosquitos. just hang on to it, lube it up and shoot the moon.

My mosquito used to be responsive with very good sleep times. Then I added lube and it killed the sleep times. If you want to do more advanced tricks with it I would recomend playing it until the lube and pads have worn off. You should be able to do advanced tricks with this setup. Though it doesn’t take many string layers.

It simply isn’t worth to trade. Skeeters are good yoyos, though. I experiment mods on them and they aren’t a bad pocket yoyo either.

hmmm… check out the bb mods if you want to increase sleep time. other than that you’d be well off to get to the closest toys r us and get a FH2. that would be worth trading if you get bored with it. but man, you’re askin a lot to trade up from a mosquito. i cant even fathom what you could get in a trade like that. you do realize the mosquito is worth about what it costs to ship it right? save your money and grab a FH2 or something.