Trading space cowboy or messiah

hey guys! I’ve been looking for some new throws so I have some up for trade.

YYR Messiah- one ding, two scratches, smooth.
YYF space cowboy- near mint, I can’t find the scratch but it’s somewhere there, super smooth

Werrd bad decision
Werrd irony Jp 2013/2012
Werrd split decision
Werrd poo
CLYW orca
CLYW puffin 2

Im just looking for something new but those are my main wants, I’m looking for smooth and near mint ones as well. Dm me on Instagram if you have any of those and if you want any of my throws or pm me here. I would prefer Instagram because I don’t usually go in the forums much. But feel free to ask!!!
Thank you!

My Instagram user name is @theadrianvelez