Trade only: YYF JK and Aoda Follow Wind for Plastics

Hey what’s up guys. I’m looking for any cheap plastics. I’d be willing to trade a YYF JK and an Aoda Follow Wind. The follow wind has one good ding and the JK has a few, barely visible marks due to poor packaging. Other than those problems, they are in fairly good condition with only a slight vibe. Remember that I’m looking for quantity so offer as much plastics as you can. (I can’t upload pics, but if you really need them just give me your phone number and I can send you a pic)

My Wants:
YYJ Plastics
Adegle Plastics
YYF Plastics
Shinwoo Plastics

PM me or comment below.

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Ah, sorry I’m new to this.

i messaged you!!!1