trade dv888 abd a grindmachene

  1. Dv 888 - 4 dints koncave Bering ceramic and freshly siliconed

Grindmachine - mint. Stacked no dints new hub stacks new bering

Looking to trade for a clyw or a burnside

Other offers accepted. or make me a offer

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I would add pictures, state what year and model the 888 is (huge difference between an 888, 888x, and 888.11), and say whether the Grind Machine is plastic or metal.

Its a dv888

Trade. Or make me a offer 50 to 85. Dollars :smiley: ???

if its a goodenough offer il take it

You should post pictures so people can see what condition its in.

I’ve merged your 3 BST threads as only one per member is allowed. Per forum rules you must provide pictures or links to pictures of the yo-yos you have for sale/trade.