Total moding newb question

Hey guys,

So what’s more unresponsive, double sticker recces, or single sticker recces?
and also how unresponsive is a recces?

PS. I’d be doing it to an FHZ

First of all you can have an unresponsive stock FHZ. The recess doesn’t have a lot to do with it. The bearing does. It needs to be clean with a touch of thin lube. Now the recess will aid in the unresponsiveness of the yoyo. Anytime you add a response system it will be more responsive. One sticker = some and two = more.

I always like my yoyo’s to be even accept for my supafly mods. That would mean do both sides IMO.

The response has more to do with how the bearing is set up and what pads are used. With that being said, I prefer two pads.