1 year video. :smiley:

I make too many videos…



It hasn’t processed yet.



(JackG) #4

now it has


I didn’t LOVE this video to be honest. It was great and all, but there really are better ones from you IMO.

Great video though!




I know. I really should have put more effort into it.


this is the first one of yours i watched and i thought it was great…
i dont make enough movies

(SR) #9

You are crazy good. Congratz on one year.


i think i love you…

no, but seriously, great video.

(Mitch Ginder) #11

lighting and coloring was kinda ew. and we’ve seen that sweatshirt before lol

Other then that pretty good video


I know. I filmed it at 6 at night so it was pretty cruddy. And this was filmed the same day as into the wild, so duh I wore the same clothes.