Tom Kuhn Wood for sale!

All throws in NMTBS condition unless otherwise stated. Price includes shipping and fees to the good old US of A. I won’t be able to ship until Thursday. Thanks for looking!
L to R - T to bottom.

  1. Mini TK $75
  2. Spitfire?? (Unusual)$75
  3. No Jive 25 year white $75
  4. No Jive $45
  5. Sleep Machine $80
  6. Sleep Machine $80
  7. Sleep Machine missing back stamp $65
  8. Sleep Machine $80
  9. Clean Sleep Machine $80
  10. Clean S M $80
  11. Clean S M with mark on back $75
  12. Clean Roller Woody$80

5,6,7,8 are sold!

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Which 5 and 6? There is some duplication in the numbering.

I’ll try and straighten it out…:+1:

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so the whole middle row of Sleep Machines is gone? It’s just not been my week on trying to get a SM :man_facepalming:

That is correct. I have a plain brown one lower left

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I’ve never seen a laminated spitfire body, let alone one that was carved. Perhaps a test blank. Does it actually have SM innards?


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