tiny vid

ummm check check it


Like the vid but whats up with the my little pony O_O

Awesome! How long have you been throwing?

Haha, I have that same Twilight figure.
Surprisingly well weighted for a CW btw.

Nice stuff man, you still got that older tech style that seems to have been lost over the years. Gotta bring that stuff back.
Love it


i thought it’d be a ncie cw… but i just don’t want to risk waering the paint off or anything :stuck_out_tongue: it’s the only one i have and i’m a poor collee student XD and thanks, i relly love the old tech stuff, like mikhail and jason lee are my heroes

um i’m going on 6 years, i’m just new to yoyoexpert. i’ve been on the other forums for a while