Three Ideas

  1. How bout we have some YYE Posters and some posters that I saw in a vid.

  2. T-Shirts like the I Heart Speeder T-Shirt.

  3. Novelty Clothes from Companies and YYE.


Good ideas. I would love YYE posters. :slight_smile:

YYE does have novelty clothes. In the T-shirts section under shop.


I’m talking about clothes from like YYJ. A YYJ T-Shirt but not the Team YYJ Shirt. You know, just says YYJ and the back says Choice of Champs!

Augie has a YYF Sweatjacket.


I don’t think that there are any YYJ shirts that aren’t for team members.

Also, Augie got that sweatjacket when he got on Team YYF.


Well then, let me change the topic of this thread.

Who thinks that some clothes like YYE Sweatjackets or YYE hats is a good idea?

(JackG) #6

yeah that picture trick on the home page looks beast

(JonasK) #7

I think the T-shirts we already have are cool enough. But then André mentioned a while ago that he had new T-shirts in the making.


Yeah. Augie got that at BAC 2005, I think he said that in a post.

YYJ should make those shirts, it would be cool. Saying YoYoJam fan on the back, or soething. :wink:


There are traditionally YYJ t-shirts for sale at Worlds every year.

(SR) #10

Cool. It seems like everything is being introduced and sold at Worlds.