This trick? Name and how to

(JonasK) #1

I have seen this trick now. The problem is that I don’t know it’s name or how it’s done. The trick I am talking about is the trick where you start in a houdini mount and do some pulling and end up in a triangle. This trick does not seem to hard so I want to learn it. So all I want to know is the name of the trick and how I do it (tut would be awesome).

(J. Lev) #2

Do you have a video?

(Mark) #3

I think it is called Triforce. Heres the link. Second one.

(JonasK) #4

That’s not the trick. Let me explain in other words. The yoyo kinda slides to one side, then to the other side and ends up in a triangle.


Here ya go!

Was that it?