Thinning of the Herd

Got 8 I’m looking to move. All in Good to Mint condition.
Feedback here

G2 Valhalla Berry Fade - NMTBS, smooooooth player - $120
One Drop Eclipse - Smooth, could use a tune, but otherwise plays great - $50
Good Life Gulch Green Fade - Smooth, just not getting played a lot - $50
YoyoFriends Graviton:Y - Smooth, one small ding noted - $old

YoTricks Civility - Plays well, probs some fingernail vibe, a few small flat spots - $old
Recess x Zeekio Quiz black - Smooth, nice pocket steel throw - $75
YYF x C3 44 Clash Gapless - So nice and smooth, couple dings that don’t affect play - $50
PDX Yo Unknown Batsquatch - smooth player, no dings, NMIB (2 of 23 edition) - $old

Hit me up with questions. Happy to provide additional pics, if needed. Shipping to CONUS, PayPal F&F preferred. All pricing is shipped.


Saving first comment for updates.

Dropped price on a few items. Sold a few.
Gravitron:y is sold
Batsquatch is sold
Civility is sold

DM on Civility! You don’t see these often!! Very nice.

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Bumpy bump. Updated with sold items and price drops.