Thin Lube Responsive?


I just got two AIGR bearings. The store put thin lube on them, but they are responsive. Do you have to break in the lube or is some thing wrong with my bearings?


Any lube will make a yoyo temporarily more responsive. The yoyo should become more unresponsive the more you use it. Just do’t add any more lube into it or it probably won’t become unresponsive.

Think of it like this, a little oil on your bike chain will make it easy to pedal, but imagine if you put your bike in a swimming pool filled with oil, and then tried to pedal (with the bike still in the pool).

With too much lube, things won’t spin as fast. Wear down the lube in your bearing by regular play.

Addment: Geez my analogies suck these days.

When you had your 5*, with the first bearing, was it also responsive?