There's a hole in that wall!

(JonasK) #1

This video was originally made a month ago for a video battle. Since my opponent never got to upload a video, I called it off because of the one-month time difference.


Good job Pheenix!

I like the almost Jade Whip to Hidemasa Hook! :wink:


Cool video Pheenix.

(JonasK) #4

Yeah, I really like that trick. I’m planning to make it follow-ish in the next video I make.

(JackG) #5

what was the 2nd yoyo ?(the blue one) wow i couldnt do half of that

(JonasK) #6



I LOVED the combo at 0:35. It left me saying “Wow!” and made my jaw drop. Truly amazing. :slight_smile:

(D@§h!zn!t) #8

OMG! There is a hole in the wall!! Lol. Nice video man!!! ;D


Ha awesome. I think somebody here is really good…

(JonasK) #10

That means a LOT coming from you.

And yeah I changed the title because it was originally named YYE battle or something. I basically just named it after the hole in the wall.

Addment: We made that hole on purpose by the way.


When I first saw the title, I assumed your yoyo made a hole… lol… Anyways, very nice combos!


Awesome video pheenix, and cool combo in the first trick.

Happy Throwing! =]