The weight of yoyo

Right now i am trying to get another yoyo. I have the legacy right now. I wonder if i should go with a more lighter yoyo such as the revolution or go with a heavy one like the New Breed.
How does the weight affect the style?

Really any performance grade yoyo will perform fine wether heavier or lighter. The problem comes in when you have a yoyo that is too light which doesn’t give enough momentum on a throw, or one that is really heavy with a HUGE gap causing a sort of kickback when thrown. Other than that it doesn’t really matter unless you prefer a floaty yoyo (heavier) or a speedy yoyo (light) every now and again you will come across a yoyo that can perform well with both feelings regardless of weight but I feel those are few and far between. Just my $0.02. ymmv.

Plus, a heavier yoyo will be more stable, and usually have a longer spin time. Which will make it good for practicing tricks. A lighter yoyo though, will move much faster.