The Toy your Toy Could Be (Old Spice yo-yo Parody)

(Chris Allen) #1

I love a good marketing campaign and I could not help but parody the epicness of Old Spice’s latest campaign.
I literally made a green screen from junk laying around the house then shot in very poor lighting.
Your Welcome.
You may thank me with High Fives.

I’m on a horse.


You can’t CAN see the video ???


hahahaha “I’m setup for 5A” . it doesn’t show up here but i saw it on your site!

(DOGS) #4

haha awesome

(Chris Allen) #5

Fixed. thx. Here is a picture of a whale giving you a High Five


lol awesome this is funny. :stuck_out_tongue:


lolz That’s epic. :slight_smile: “…displaying your epic never before seen tricks to a mesmerized public.” ;D