The power of yoyos


the power of yoyo


no word can begin to decribe how I feel after seeing these, that was epic!! :o :o


Jomm and Stone FTW, hehe. Hyun is good to. I actually just decided to watch some of those again and then this thread came up, odd…

Another good one is a RHG between Yoyo and FLLFFL…FLFFL just is unbeatable.


Hey, someone filmed me beating up my brother… >:( >:( :wink:


2nd video… 0:17
Just pure awesomeness!

(M²) #6

Wait… my yoyo doesn’t fire a lazor…


lol :smiley:


no, no its a kamehameha


where is the yoyo?

why not just post this


I know,but my point was that the maker of the 2nd video put in some
memorable moves/voices from other games into that vid.

  1. 0:10 seconds
        Uses yoyo like Scorpion’s Mortal Kombat special move and voice
  2. 0:17 charges and blasts his yoyo like Ryu’s Special fireball.
        OR some may say, the blast is like a Dragon Ball Kamea mea wave.
    As your vid is just a random video.


Awsome vidio dude you should make some more