Ok, so we have about a handful of subscribers now, so im just going to make this THE OFFICIAL PLYMOUTH YOYO CLUB THREAD. I will post the videos from our channel as they come out

PYYC Presents: Michael Stecz!!!


PYYC Presents: Michael Williams!

PYYC Presents: Dave O’Neil! Owner of Yofro strings!!!

PYYC Presents: Owen Ekblad (Me!)

PYYC Presents: Lucas Blackburn!!!

PYYC Presents: Isaiah Messer

Werrd X Yoyoexpert X PYYC Presents: Werrd Battle of the Brave: 1st place Dave O’Neil

Werrd X Yoyoexpert X PYYC Presents: Werrd Battle of the Brave: 2nd place Alex Lee

Ok, So we just did a big ole battle last night, and ill post the vids as theyre uploaded, and we did it in brackets BTW

We didnt get a video of Christopher Chunn Vs. Michael Williams, but Christopher Chunn won.

Alex Lee VS Michael Stecz, Winner: Michael

Lucas Blackburn VS Chase Baxter, Winner: Chase

Owen Ekblad VS Dave Oneil. Winner: Owen

Chris Chunn VS Chase Baxter, Winner: Chase

Alex Lee VS Owen Ekblad, Winner: Owen

Owen Vs. Chase, Winner, Chase. (But it was close :wink: )

Best of these battles:

That video was so sweet! haha

Did you sub Chris?

And bump; please take the time to subscribe. And if not subscribe, than you should at least rate it!

Thanks :slight_smile:


I"m in!

Thanks to both of you guys, it means alot.

And there will be a brand new video promoting yours truly tomorrow. Be excited!

I cant wait to see it, also i did sub!

How does it help your club if we subscribe?

More publicity!

I subscribed!

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Thanks Matt!

And the BRAND NEW video will be up by either tonight, or tomorrow.

Stay tuned

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thanks for subscribing to our channel and you won’t be disappointed with what will be posted! Every week (Well, hopefully every week) I’ll be making a “Plymouth YoYo Club Presents:” video featuring one of our members. Last week was Isaiah Messer, this week will be Owen, I am currently working on Owen’s video and I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks guys! Thanks Owen for posting this as well!

This is a great Idea, I may have to try to get the Vancouver club to do this!

Take this as an opportunity to make a channel for your club!

I and the rest of PYYC would all be happy to subscribe :slight_smile:


Subbed! :smiley:

Owen (or should I say nemyo?)'s new video. Took me a while to edit, but I really liked the way it turned out. Tell me what you guys think! Peace out!

Nice, you look like you’re genuinely having fun! And I love Nemyo’s style!
Great video!

Thanks Chase so much for filming/ editing this! It means a ton!

Bump :slight_smile:

Keep those subscribers coming!