The New MonkeyfingeR TRI-B Releases Tonight!

Life evolves. So does your game. And now so do your yo-yos with the all new MonkeyfingeR TRI-B!

The TRI-B (Pronounced Tribe) is the mutant evolution of three of the most popular yo-yos in the MonkeyfingeR lineup. They combined the best features from the Caesar, Ape-X, and Gelada 2 to create this amazing new creation! And the best part? The TRI-B is a true team built yo-yo. Each and every team member had input into everything from the design elements to the color combinations and string layout!

A team built yo-yo is a rare thing and is sure to be a serious crowd favorite, let’s face it, the best way to give yo-yo players what they want is to give them a yo-yo that was designed by other yo-yo players! The TRI-B is fast, maneuverable, long spinning, and it just has an amazing feel that you have to throw to believe!

With design input from an entire team of yo-yo players this yo-yo is an excellent choice for any style! Pick up a TRI-B and become a member of the growing MonkeyfingeR Tribe!

Releasing Tonight @ Midnight!

Is weight 64 or 66? I thought it was 66 but shop says 64.

Weights do vary slightly, but they shouldn’t vary that much. Just went back and checked the weight on 5 of them in various colors - I got 64.2, 64.2, 64.3, 64.2, and 64.4. Not sure where the 66 came from, maybe they weighed it with the string on. :-\

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Does the ano really affect the weight that much?