The Monkeyfinger Evil-Yo | a Review

You can take nearly any situation, add a monkey, and it immediately makes it better. You want to shoot rockets into space? Let’s throw in a monkey. Is there a seriously frightening disease threatens to overtake humankind? Go find the Monkey. Character in a prime time hit TV show about New Yorkers no connecting with the audience? Give him a monkey, hilarity ensues. Monkeys are interesting to watch and observe, and while they can be cute and help a street rat save the princess, some can rip your face off. Those are the evil monkeys. Monkeys who hide in closets, take over the world, and throw feces at you through the zoo bars. Sure, monkeys can be awesome, unless they are…. Eeeeevillllll. teeth showing pinky smile

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I KNOW! i taught mine how to fix my truck for me!