The Light

New video feat. Gino. (My 10 year old brother.)

Tell me what you guys think.

Cool vid

Sweet vid! Very cool tricks. Nice song too. Common ftw!

I knew someone would say this… haha.

Gino actually messed up on the trick but then I put it up anyways… :smiley:

That was a fantastic video. :slight_smile:

Such a timeless song…
Great video Vivo.

Thanks bro.

Thanks Matt. I’m glad to hear it from you.

I dig it and whatever you did from 1:56 - 2:05 was nice and smooth.

Thanks bro. ;D

Awesome as always. You gotta do a video using your Yuuksta soon.

Yep. :smiley:


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You’re awesome. Haha.

You guys like Common?