The Jeffrey Pang Designed MagicYoYo SKYVA Releases Tonight!

Jeffrey Pang best describes his latest project with MagicYoYo:

[i]This is my first NON-Luftverk product in a long time. Plastics specialists Magicyoyo China contacted me like 6 months ago asking if I would help design and brand a plastic yoyo for them.

Of course I said yes. I knew Id never sell that many titanium yoyos which has always been sad to me – I would be designing a product for such a small audience. So here’s my chance to design something that nearly everyone can afford – 20USD.

Fingerspin style play has pretty much taken over everywhere. I wanted a hub that could outperform any yoyo at fingerspin style tricks. Its the reason why the hub of each yoyo is machined after injection molding making it super slick and seamless. There is a dual stage hub – one that is super easy to hit and the second smaller one to lock your finger in place. The ones who have tried it already know what I’m talking about.[/i]

[i]And of course – simple minimalistic logos only. Packaging had to be as beautiful as my other stuff. The foam has an exact string cutout. And we even found suppliers for black elastic bands because they looked more aesthetically pleasing than brown ones. I wanted something that looked and felt ultra premium in the hand – without the premium price.

The best part of this project was learning so much – from helping them design the mold CAD to standing in front of the injection molding machine watching the first one come out – so hot you can barely hold it in your palm. Its surreal watching something you designed become reality right in front of your eyes.[/i]

Releasing July 15 @ 8PM EST!

It’s on it’s way to the house… :smiley: can’t wait to see this one.

And I bet you picked the lily green one…didn’t you?

Man these look so nice.I know magic has a “not the best” rep,but I use them the most cuz I’m poor.
And these look amazing,I’m going to get the grey one next week.Got to let my current orders get here before I order another!lol
Just looks so cool.Really dig the shape and sides,everything.
Great job all around!

Actually the grey… @ work I have to dress formal/professionally but I EDC with an external holster.

On my purchase decisions I appreciate solid color options as the color splashes draw even more attention to my throws.

Nobody has ever given me a hard time about carrying, but as I interact with executives I don’t want me wearing lime-green or psychedelic-colored accessories to become a detractor for me @ work.

Got my lily green skyva in the mail today! Booom!!

Gratz ShockFaktor, does it meet and/or exceed your expectations?

You wear your yoyo on you in professional dress at work?.. Man, I like yoyo as much as the next person, but seriously… Maybe not a good idea to wear it at work. To them you may as well be wearing a GI Joe.

He still has his job, right?
He gets to carry around something that brings him joy, right?
I would think he is crazy if he didn’t then :wink:

It’s not my favorite plastic but I do like it has Really good dimensions, it feels super solid in hand and has really good pads. Also the finger spin area is funnnnnn(:

I hear ya. Then again, I love my MagicYoyo N12 shark yoyo. It’s one of my favorite yoyos. And even though I didn’t like the Silencer too much when I first bought it, it’s now really growing on me. So it very much depends on the model.

Too bad the Skyva sold out so fast. I’d love to have at least one of them in my collection.

Don’t worry, we should have a restock of the Skyva soon.


Yeah the N12 is one of my favs.$12 shipped.
I’m going to try to order a skyva tomorrow.Got a few throws off here that are “name brand”,really dig them.Most of my magics are good.
Think I have a Silencer,is that the M001?
Great throw. 8) 8) 8)