The evolution of the yoyo shape

I think this fact has blurred the lines between what constitutes an “entry level” metal yoyo and a “mid-range” competitive model. For instance, if someone said they were interested in the Duncan WindRunner at $36, who wouldn’t steer them towards a Shutter for only $9 more instead?

I see mid range as $60-$100, anything cheaper is entry, anything more is high-end

With that said, as iconic as the Shutter was in really starting the budget metal movement, I think it’s overrated and feel that a lot of yoyos perform better at a similar and cheaper price nowadays.

I guess it goes without saying, then, that YYE’s categories for the yoyos it sells through its webstore need some recalibration to better reflect current standards.

With all due respect to anyone else’s opinion I think I trust YYEs determination of skill level to yoyo more than most other people’s. :slight_smile:

André has been doing this a looonnggg time.

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I think it may be less a question of Andre’s ability to accurately assess categories, and maybe more of a question of the category criteria drifting out of date over the years. How often do they update such things on the YYE webstore?

I understand there is a webstore revamp in the works; one wonders if the categorization has been updated as part of that.

I kinda disagree with this:

Draupnir is peak bimetal, but as far as peak mainstream monometal design there’s no question that it is …


the 2013 Shutter.

What’s magical about the Shutter in particular is the way it merged all the W/H/O/V shapes

into one platonic ideal:


It’s sorta organic and smooth for comfort, but also kinda H shaped for better spin and that nice fat middle, yet still V shaped for performance, and a bit step-round W shaped … all at the same time! It’s a really solid combination of shapes that merges all the good things about each one. It is the most “modern classic” of any yoyo released in the last 8 years, IMNSHO.

Size is also a factor. 56mm diameter of the Shutter is basically mainstream now, whereas 50mm yo-yos were the norm 8 years ago. Yo-yos prior to 2010 are undersized compared to yo-yos today!

Anyway, the primary narrative of yo-yos in 2010-2015 isn’t a YoyoRecreation story, except on the bimetal front. It’s a YYF story, and specifically a Shutter story…


I wonder when companies started experimenting with titanium.

Coding, you always know how to push my buttons man :rofl:
I say the Shutter is overrated even for its price, you say its the best yoyo of all time. Geez

I’m not even gonna debate on that, I actually feel like you’re trolling me at this point lmao

But I will touch on the YYR bit. YYR has never been a more popular company than YYF, YYJ or even some other companies. Two reasons. They’re expensive, they aren’t American. I will agree that none of the YYR models outside of the Sleipnir and Draupnir really got as much recognition as a lot of other stuff that was pumped out around that time. I will also agree that none of the YYR stuff outside of those two are the most “unique” or “popular” yoyos of their time, as shown in that timeline. However, that’s not really what I was saying.

I said pretty much everything YYR pumped out up to the Draupnir were ahead of their time and that’s because very few yoyos could compete with any of the YYR stuff at a competitive standpoint. Overdrive, Mr. Butcher, Triplet, Gleipnir. What yoyos pre 2015 performed at a higher level than any of those? Not many imo, especially on the American side. Even their smaller stuff like the Attune, Acrophobia, and Blink were forces to be reckoned with, even when compared to the best American yoyos of the time such as the Chief and Summit. The Messiah and Six were considered the best undersized yoyos for the longest time too.

Not many people on the US side had the pleasure of trying or owning these yoyos, especially compared to YYF/YYJ/OD/CLYW/etc. But everyone that did understood that YYR was just on another level in terms of performance. YYF was the king of mainstream. But YYR were the ones that were really making the yoyos to beat. YYR had an aura that said “we’re making the best yoyos, anything we pump out are pure competition monsters.” That was what they were going for too.

Just my opinion. Very strong opinion though :wink:


I did not say best, I said most iconic and most representative of modern yo-yo design. And I believe this is deeply true of the 2013 Shutter. It’s far from my favorite yo-yo but it’s the perfect example of what yo-yos became in 2015 and beyond!

Shutter merges all the shapes, so it is not opinionated about shape and thus a valid criticism of the Shutter is that it is too generic because it is trying to be all things to all people. This sorta reminds me of people loudly complaining about bands that are “too popular” though. Sometimes things are popular because … y’know, people like them :wink: .

YYR is too expensive and too isolated to be affecting many people. There is no question that they nailed the platonic ideal of a bimetal yoyo in the Draupnir though… I think everyone can agree with that. Plus it’s expected for bimetal to be expensive, or at least it used to be!

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I actually feel like you’re trolling me at this point lmao

I’m the yoyo Sheriff around these parts, you challenging Coding’s authority? He wrote the yoyo law, and I’m just here strictly enforcing it. I better not find out you been using nylon strings, or running them bearings dry boy! You hear me?! And as far as you’re concerned, Shutter or GET OUT!

Lol, /s

Love you Code


This is like watching your parents fight…:flushed:


I’m sorry you guys hate Gentry Stein! He’s gonna be so sad when he finds out! :sob:

But seriously, the Shutter is really quite innovative in terms of its shape IMO, so based on the title of this topic… it’s hugely significant.


I can assure you I do not hate Gentry. He blows me out of the water as far as talent and marketing goes. I’ve just never felt inclined to buy a shutter. Bought a replay Pro once, that thing was pretty decent for only costing 20 bucks. I considered buying one of those shutters that didn’t have any laser engraving on it, but I never actually pulled the trigger

Naaaaaah bro it’s all about that
Pico Creator x DreamYo Nautilus… wait nobody knows what that is? Dang… some day cheap off-brand Chinese yoyos will rule the world…

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From what I can see, there’s zero ‘O’ shape in the Shutter.

Do you see any “O” shape in this… or this?

image image



Is there something I’m missing?

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To me, a pure V is a straight 45-ish degree line directly to the edge of the yo-yo. Anything else is a bit of a hybrid. There’s plenty of V hybrids out there.

Example V + W, V + H, V + O

image image image

So, just an observation here. It seems to me like the term “O” and organic are not entirely interchangeable. An “O” is an organic, but not every organic is an “O”. The term organic usually implies that something has natural curves, no sharp angles and more flowy overall peofile; or in other words, organic has more to do with the hybridization of shapes.

Like, the Top Deck is an “organic H”.


And the 420 is an “organic W”

So the Shutter, does not actually incorporate the “O” profile, but it does utilize organic curvature to smooth out a lot of those hard angles. Just my two cents :wink:

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Yeah, this is pretty much what happened I got “serious” when the shift from responsive to unresponsive was happening, but grew up with fixed axle.

I think what you said about undersized is true but for just one reason, and that is you have to be on top of your you skills to play with an undersized throw, which is the appeal for me… Hitting a trick with my 66 Shutter is much more satisfying than with a full sized one, not to mention the portability.

I think undersized is the next book waiting to happen…if they were appreciated by more players.