The Crow Caws

Just a few combos I’ve been addicted to/mounts I’ve been working with lately that I thought I’d share; a few original things, a couple inspired by friends. There was a crow cawing while I shot this, so … yeah.

p.s. I’m not particularly interested in criticism, just thought I’d share in the event that something here might spark someone to create something new. But flattery certainly wont be frowned upon.  :wink:

cool stuff

Awesome! I’m seeing some elements that I use quite a bit, which is neat. It’s cool to see how two different people can come up with similar stuff.

One that I actually have video evidence is this:

That last part into the triangle is basically what you did in your rock the baby to triangle!

Very neat.

Oh nice. I tend to start with basic mounts or old SpinDox tricks, and then try to do something different with them. Anyway, I like what you did with that!