The Cerberus by YoYoJam | Review

Cerberus is the three headed guard dog of the gates of Hades. Legend has it that the Greek monster is the son of a Human/Serpent hybrid and a titan. It was said to be enormous in size, had serpents running through its hair, and of course three snarling growling heads that breathed pepper mustard. Okay, I can’t vogue for that last one, but the rest of that stuff is pure mythfact. Throughout literature Cerberus has been depicted in various monster/guard scenarios, and in Dante’s Inferno, Cerberus is described as a “Giant Worm”, but most of the time Cerberus is depicted as a huge scary dog with three heads. (aka, Fluffy). The giant monster is always blocking an exit or an entrance. YoYoJam has decided to claim the Cerberus name in the yo-yo world with their own Monster. The Yoshi Mikamoto signature throw, the Cerberus.

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