The Boost - Trick #1

Okay, for those of you that are on the forums and are just now learning tricks. I have created this game that you can play do get better.

The Game:
This is called The Boost. The idea is that I will tell you the name of the trick. You all try to learn it/perfect it. For those of you that are more advanced, you may want to wait a little bit until the tricks are harder. For those in the beginning stage, start now.
How to play:
Step 1: I will give you a trick that you can learn. I will also give you a goal of how long you need to do it in reps or something like that.
Step 2: Learn the trick or try harder to reach the goal. If you can already do that trick and reach the goal, good for you.
Step 3: Announce on this page that you have completed the goal.
Step 4: The first one to announce wins. There are no prizes until maybe really later on.

Here are some of the main rules:

  1. You must complete all the tricks previously in this game before attempting the next trick.
  2. I do not need proof but for those of you who want to, you may take a video of you doing the trick and post it. This is just for fun.
  3. This is actually the most important rule. NO LIES, YOU MUST DO THE TRICK. Sure, nobody will know, but you will now have the guilt of knowing that you are a cheater.

Those are the basic rules.
So, let us begin:

Trick: Brain Twister
Goal: 5 Somersaults

Have at it.

Trick #2:,67602.0.html

done! :wink:

love the idea! i´ll definitely keep an eye on it, exspecially once the tricks are at around my level…

for Braintwister, Done! :slight_smile:

Done! Did it the first day I started yoyoing which was when my Dv888 arrived

Cold Fusion ;D


Derrr i did dis lak 8 monts ago doh…

i just did this :smiley: