thank you, voters


Slack combo coming up next, probably Makico’s Slack Combo 1!

I’ll eventually do the Rubik’s Cube and juggling videos, but it’ll be a while


What yoyo trick would it be?


If you have a request, please ask and I’ll do my best to learn it. It would probably be one of the following if you don’t have a request: (in the order I want to do them)
• Rancid Milk
• Makico’s Slack Combo 1
• Makico’s Slack Combo 2
• Houdini Mount Variation
• Parado (one of my tricks)
• My Slack Combo (not done making quite yet)
• Heko Obi (requested a long time ago, can’t do fluently yet)
• Manobrinha (requested a long time ago, need to re-learn; shouldn’t be too hard)


A combo tutorial would be cool!


Sure! Which one?

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I tend to lean toward manobrinha.


A cool slack one!


No problem, I’ll do one next!