Ten yoyo drop bear

Hi I am getting a drop bear next week what would be the bet bearing for this yoyo and what string

Just leave the bearing, its a good bearing. String, consider all your options in this store.

Honestly YOU have to try a lot of diffrent bearings and YOU have to try a lot of diffrent strings to see witch works the best for you and on what yoyo. Also we would need some clue as how you play to help, have to give us some more information.

I loved the grooved bearing and included twisted strings. I even ordered more of th blue string for it. Recently though I swapped the grooved bearing for a center trac. I feel my binds are a bit more consistent. If I’m working on a new trick though I do put the grooved bearing back in just to help give me a little more string centering so I can focus on the technical details of the trick.

Stock bearings!!! Stock Bearings!!!

Really these days the bearing that comes in any yoyo is a good one. No need for any fancy bearing that doesn’t really help you out at all.

Unless a particular yoyo comes with one of those needless gimmick bearings. In that case, stock might not always be best, at least, in my opinion.

Stock or other bearing…it all comes down to personal preference.