Temp trade/BST thread YYR CLYW

So I’ve traded myself into a corner. I love the yoyos I have and don’t want to get rid of them, but at the same time I want to try some new stuff. So if you have something I’m interested in and want to swap throws for a week or two I’m down. Here’s a quick list of throws I want to try:

YYR Blink
YYR Stardust 2
YYR Fragment
CLYW Cliff
CLYW Puffin
CLYW Glacier Express
H5 x Chief
VsNYYC Septopus
VsNYYC Moonwalker

What I have:

YYR Acrophobia:

YYR E=Mc^2:

CLYW Gnarwhal:

As far as permanent trades go you can just offer on the Gnar, but I probably won’t take it. The only trade I would even consider on the YYR would be like a Puffin + FG Arctic Circle. Unless you have a Blink. Otherwise feel free to offer but don’t get your hopes up.