Tech Lovers?


Hey guyz, our channel, TheTechKube, launched our first unboxing video of the RAZER ANANSI MMO gaming keyboard. we really want the views and the subscribers. So if you like technology, and you are looking for someone with a fresh start, come check out our channel. We’ve got a lot more coming! Be sure to subscribe!

(Q) #2

I’m 41 seconds in.

Make a script, I don’t want to hear “Uh. Uhhhm. Uhhh” every ten seconds.


Thanks for the criticism. I agree with you completely and will be sure to eliminate the “uh’s” in future videos. Thanks again for checking us out!

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #4

I personally don’t favor titles in all caps ,you need to script it ,and I love the intro ,but I think it would be cool to put a little bit of opening music,preferably some electric or techno music.That would very much fit the mood. It’s great though. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, dude. We appreciate you watching our video and taking the time to help us get better. We will take that into consideration. Thanks again!