Sweet Nothings

play yoyo everyday everywhere, don’t let the man stop you

pointless tricks foreverrrrrrr
also shameless abuse of slomo
also the minute makes you do super fun tricks and win at life, you should buy three right now, yes!


That was one of the dopest videos I’ve seen in a while. Those tricks were amazing!

Me likey

Who in the world needs coffee when you have this video.


I gave mine away today, not because I don’t like it (au contraire, errbody knows I love it) but because a friend seemed somewhat interested in yoyo and I thought, “What’s the best bang for the buck in my case?” Didn’t want to just give him something unloved!

I’ll be getting a new one. Oh yes, I’ll be getting a new one.

Nice tricks in this video! I LOVE pointless tricks! And gratuitous slomo!

Having some fun I see.

The Minute looks very fun~!

That was a great vid man!