Support your favorite manufacturer with the new CLYW Blackout Pickaxe T-Shirt!

Caribou Lodge (CLYW) is a company on a mission to combine amazing yo-yo design with art. Each product they make is a true masterpiece and you can tell from the first throw what an amazing amount of work went into it.

And now CLYW fans can rejoice and look cool with these great CLYW Pickaxe T-Shirts! This Blackout Edition Pickaxe T-Shirt features their classic CLYW PickAxe Logo silk screened in black on the front of a black T-Shirt. (Logo designed by the amazing yo-yo innovator Paul Escolar!)

We used only the highest quality T-Shirt – American Apparel so you can expect a very well fitting t-shirt of the softest quality and the print will really hold up to use and wash.

Looking good when you yo-yo is important and what better way then wearing a CLYW shirt!