SuperNova Lite Test: Cody Wright

Hey guys, a while back I did a short video on the SuperNova Lite. Just found it on my computer, so I uploaded it.  ;D

Tell me what you think about the combo.  :wink:

It looks to me like some more practice would have made that combo a lot better.

Yeah, this was made like a month ago, and the trick was new to me. Iv practiced this trick more since then and it looks a lot better now. :wink:

Then why didn’t you film the combo when it is smooth rather than putting out something that could you some fine combing.

But anyways, good combo, I would just like to see it smoother :D.

Well I usually make videos on my webcam on my laptop, which doesnt have that great quality. And this camera is my step mom’s and I cant use this camera this often, and I think this camera has much better quality. So I just went a head and made the video on a high quality camera when I had the chance. Thanks! :wink:

whoa another thrower from richmond VA! yeah!!! i live in richmond too :slight_smile: henrico. btw very nice video. i liked the trick at the end

OMG dude you live in Richmond? Man, we should get together sometime along with my friend Johnny, (he also yoyos and lives in Richmond) :smiley:

very awesome trick

yeah! ive talked to johnny, hes a cool guy. where in richmond do you live?

I live in Midlothian, its pretty close to the Richmond Children’s Museum where they have VA States every year. :wink:
Oh, and Thanks YoYoSwizz!

i got some friends that go to midlothian high. i live about 10 mins from the museum

Cool combo! That’s some good stuff!

Amazing as usual Cody!!

very gentry stein

Haha Thanks guys! I really appreciate all feedback that I get from my vids! :wink: