Super G

So I saw that the super g is not available anymore. Do you guys know anywhere that still has a few?

Even if they do, they can’t tell you here. References to other vendors are not allowed.

true, we’re not allowed to talk about other vendors.

check out the bst and you’ll probably find some. the g-funk is also pretty rad if you dont know already

If someone knows they can always PM you, it’s allowed.

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I was not aware of that! Oops!

Well now I know.

I don’t know where you can find one, but they are sweet.

Maybe try vendors at a contest? Other than that, I can’t help you here, like Rosenberg said.

A Google search for it should bring up another couple of sites that sell them on the first page or so of results.

Not sure that’ll fly anymore either.

I own one I would sell ya

Sure, it’s ok. We’re not affiliated with the NSA.

Really? I had one sent to me recently that was overridden

coincidentally, Rosenberg was never heard from again after this post.

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