i have many questions about the sunset trajectory…
1.How long should the string be for looping and how do you tie a knot after you cut it?
2.Why does my thick lube finish so fast like in 2 hours there another way to take out my sunset’s bearing without using pliers?(my pliers wont fit)

  1. Depends on how long you want. You can either have it a specific length, like 32 inches, and snip there, or do the belly button thing. To tie a knot, you grab about 2 inches of the string, and fold it in half (so the loop will be 1 inch or something). Then, you just tie a knot with it (Take those 2 strings as just 1, and tie it like you would tie 1 string.) Sorry, i cant explain how to tie a knot lol

  2. Thats because you’re playing hard core. But its normal for the lube to break fast.

  3. Yes, using hands. But why do you want to remove the bearing?

man thanks i accidently put too much lube on one of my sunset’s bearings so i want to clean it but cant take it outtt

are raiders good?

they are ok for looping but sunsets are better IMO

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to use your pliers to take out your bearing.

because the sunset’s bearing is too small, and his pliers are probably too big to remove them without damaging the st.

yup :wink: and still dont know how to tie a knot ???

Sorry man, i cant help ya here. I took photos of the process tying a knot, but couldn’t upload them to my computer. Sorry can’t help ya :frowning:

In my opinion, modded raiders (like Kim-Lan’s) are much better then NXG’s.

Pliers are not too small to take out the bearing - Just try.

Kim-Lan got the video :wink:

my pliers are too big…and sometimes when i throw my NXG it will not come back i dont understand why?can we avoid this?

I agree with Samad. I love Raider’s for looping. I have about 30 different pairs of looping Raider’s. I’ve tried the Loop 720’s and Sunset Trajectory’s, and I still prefer my Raiders with my Tri-Flo lube. And the answer to the string question. It just depends on what feel comfortable to you. I use mine full length.