Summit Feedback


Hey guys!! (: I’m planning on buying a summit but I can’t seem to make up my mind between these colorways.

Should I go for: A) Red

                     B) Clear

Leave feedback please!!

I’m going to throw either black or silver spike side effects on them.


It all depends on what color’s you like, I like a little variety of different colors in my collection. Even though I tend to go with more Green throws then anything else and Green’s not even my favorite color.

I also like to pick a color that will look good with what color string I use for some reason. So for me I use Yellow or Orange String. So I’d probably pick the clear, but that’s just my choice.

Either or you can’t go wrong with, I’ve heard really great things about the Summit and I hope you enjoy it!


I have a solid red and I have a Pollock Splash which is clear base with thin drizzle splashes of black and blue on it. The Pollock is my favorite splash. That being said it is close to what you are looking for on both counts. Of the two you have chosen I would go with the red. The Summit has, in my opinion, an extremely cool laser etch that blends in and disappears on a clear finish. It pops like crazy on the red. As seen in my pic below.


That is true, it sure does stand out! (: Thanks for the feedback guys! Appreciate it.