Summer (new video)

Hello everyone,
here is a new video my me. (Jeremy Gelman)
I call the video summer, however it also serves as a 2 year video. I do not have an exact date of when i started throwing, but i made my 1 year video mid June last year, so i started some time in summer 2 years ago. Although this video is short i have worked very hard on it. I do have more tricks however i am saving them for IYYO/Ny states. I personally believe i have come far in the past year, but there a lot of room for improvement. I do hope you enjoy the video. All criticism is appreciated. (still uploading)
I hope you enjoy the video. Special thanks to CLYW for making amazing yo-yos. And all who inspired me, there are too many people to list!

Jeremy Gelman

Dude, you are really good!


Quick and smooth, fun video, awesome lighting, thats a great video right there!

I like your combos very much.

Quick question, what camera are you using?
It seems to record in pretty good quality, and captures the colors very nicely.

Anyways, awesome video!

Liked it a lot!


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the only thing Id have a complain about is your breakaways(But who cares right?)
Everything was awesome!
Diet Root beer…lol

Thanks guys, i used a flip ultra HD, pretty cheap for a great camera (only 200), i just gotta figure out how to upload in HD. Really it is a great camera.
Gon-yo, what is wrong with my breakaways?

To make it HD, save it as 1280x720. :wink:

Haha I really dont know…It seems that maybe their too fast…
Edit: It seems the release point is some what high…

hmm ok. Ill see what i can do.

Awesome ;]

Great video!