sugar daddy combo (hand candy)


here 3 new concepts in the same combo:

i hope you’ll like it.

the hand candy is a very nice yoyo.


Awesome, I like the Gt swivle thing.

Tutorials! :slight_smile:

(M²) #3



Thats fantastic! :slight_smile:


that makes me want to get a hand candy realy bad! i love the first suicide, great vid


I say, who sponsors you?

(you MUST have a sponsor)


HOLY SNIKEYS!!! WOW!!! that was the best thing i have ever seen in my entire life… wow. best yoyo tricks ever


i also just noticed the yoyo collection in the back… wow, huge collection


how many yoyos do you have

(yo-bear(one and the same)) #10

when are yo going to make a square flow tut!!!btw nice tricks my fave trick from you is ntt.nice collection too,NOW GO MAKE MY TUT!!!.jk,but seriously.


thanks for the nice coments!
i promise i’ll make new tutos soon!
but i’m a dad now :slight_smile: i don’t have so mutch time…
but i will for sure!

yes hand candy is a very good yoyo!

and, i think i have something like more than 200 yoyos now…
my house is a little museum now…lol

thanks again.


congrats on being a dad! i have a one year old daughter and finding time can be tough sometimes. keep up the good work


question, is your yoyostring wrapped around your wrist? :open_mouth:

(M²) #14

i think it’s just a bracelet.