Stuff for sale or trade


MINT NQP T1, Pretty smooth. $47 Shipped.

NIP Gold Torque and Black Echo 2.
Both for $57 SHIPPED.

Halyard, one ding and some minor stuff. $77 Shipped OBO
Armament, blue marks that rub off and minor damage. $67 Shipped OBO
Both for $117 shipped.

Joyride, five pinpricks like the one shown. Might be a bgrade due the the fact it has a mark in the bearing seat. Not sure though.

GoPro Hero 3+ Black.
Great for filming, shoots up to 240FPS which makes insane slomo!
Comes with Wifi remote(including key chain and cable), Touch LCD screen backpack, extra battery, quick release buckle, Vertical Quick Release Buckle(one side of the buckle has broken off), and all the different backdoors(including the ones for the LCD). Casing shows lots of wear. The clip on the top has been damaged and can be unlocked by pushing up on the back. The GoPro itself is in good condition, only showing wear on the buttons. The LCD screen has minor scratches that cannot be seen when turned on. Does not come with USB cable. Asking $310 Shipped OBO.

I have a bunch of FHZs(Including some modded ones and maybe my SAVEDETH…) I am possibly parting with. I am somewhat attached to them, but money talks. HMU for info and pics.

Looking for CLYW
LOOKING FOR A SOLID DOGMA FOR 3A. Don’t have cash. Have YYF to trade.

Also looking for OSDoge and/or a Naze32(rev 5) if it is a good deal.

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