String throwdown Buddyjim vs. Yoyomad8 (on yyn)

Throwdown String

Buddy Jim’s String review

Well the first string i am going to review is the Dule Core Sorlano Base. It is a fairly thick string. It would be good for you to have a good Calaus for this string because for eli hops, asian pops, boing-e-boing it gave me a bit of stringburn. It Was pretty good at whips but ive seen better. The thing that stood out to me about this string was how well it kept its tension. BEcause it kept its tension was exceptionl at slack and suicide tricks.

The next string is the Mendo Secret Stash. This string was a very good all around string. I did not find it to have one very good thing about it, i just found that it did everything at a good level. If on 1-10 scale of how good everything was id give it 8/10 on about everything… Except for the whips! You could actually hear the string cut through the air when you do whips with this string.It was also very thick and kind of stiff.

The last string for Buddy Jim’s side is the Hard Core string.This string was thick,whippy, and amazing !!! This imo was Buddy Jim’s best string. On whips on a 1-10 scale i give it 13/10 lol. It was fast at whips and just felt so smoth to dop whips on.It was such a good string that if i can find some money i might buy 10 of these.

yoyomad8’s String

yoyomad8 only had one string type but they were amazing.It was the best whipping string i have ever played even better than buddyjim’s hardcore string. This string lasted a very long time and didnt fray but it didnt keep its tension to well but it made up for that in its ability to do slacks and whips soooooooo good.

Overall it is hard to pick a favorite string. It is all based on preference but my opinion is … YOYOMAD8’S String!!! Buddyjims hard core string was a very very close second but i chose yoyomad8’s string which is made of 14 strands of 100% poly string. I think what made me choose yoyomad8’s string was how good it whipped,didnt fray, and wasnt to thick. Like i said if you like thick string you might pick the Mendo Secret stash but this is imo so there you go!
good review?

Yoyomad8’s review was wicked short.

For later reviews, make sure you desribe its play in very good detail so any reader can imagine how they (strings) play…

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Much gras for the review even though it means that I must taste the bitter not tasty taste of defeat.